About Us

In 2004, Cammy and Fred Hodges founded a company, CoolCupsandStuff and worked on the manufacturing side until they sold the company in December of 2010. Cammy continued to work with CoolCups and the new owners while Fred created a Southeastern road sales group under SBH Consulting, Inc.  With a genuine love for the gift industry and a desire to stay involved in sales of hot new products, Fred and the SBH reps hit the road running.  SBH has been involved in selling some of the most innovative wine and bar accessories and their offerings continue to grow such as the Corkcicle and then the VinOice (Cork Pops), the StorVino nero (Storvino) and the Ravi Wine Chiller.  SBH also sells gourmet foods and mixers, candles, soaps and kitchenware.    Our motto is “We’ll Wine and Dine You” because our product lines help accomplish just that. Our reps have a great assortment of products to help you grow your business.  The reps are industry specialists who have been “hand picked” to best serve your needs.  We’ve always liked having fun and want to share products that reflect that lifestyle with our customers.  We pride ourselves on finding new and innovative products so we’re constantly updating the menu.  Please take a moment to look at our lines and contact the sales person in your area for questions and to place orders.   We look forward to entertaining you with winners!  If you win, we all win!